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04.10.10 um 13:29

Hallo gofems,

ich bin gerade auf eine interessante Geschichte eines 25 Jahre jungen Mannes gestoßen, der von seiner Freundin, mit der er seit etwa einem Jahr zusammen ist, beim Masturbieren erwischt wurde. Die Geschichte ist auf Englisch und gerade in vollem Gange.

Die Freundin des jungen Mannes hat daraufhin sofort sofort Schluss gemacht und sich moralischen Beistand bei ihrer Mutter gesucht, die darauf hin mit ihrer Tochter in der Wohnung das jungen Mannes gewartet hat. Als der junge Mann denn seine Wohnung betreten will, wird ihm der Weg durch die von innen angehängte Türkette versperrt und Mutter der Freundin begrüßt ihn durch den Spalt mit einem: "das ist ekelerregend" ("that's disgusting") und läuft wieder weg, ohne ihm die Türe zu öffnen. Daraufhin trat der junge Mann gegen seine Wohnungstür, so dass die Türkette gerissen ist und er auch ohne das Zutun seiner (bald ehemaligen?) Schwiegermutter in spe seine Wohnung betreten konnte. Daraufhin betitelte ihn die Mutter als "aggressiven Perversling" ("aggressive sex deviant") und forderte ihre Tochter auf, mit ihr zu gehen ("we're leaving"), was diese daraufhin auch tat...

Ich finde die Geschichte sehr interessant und gespannt, welche Meinung ihr zu diesem Thema habt. Ich persönlich halte Masturbation (auch in einer Partnerschaft) für nichts verwerfliches, weiß aber, dass nicht alle so denken.
Meiner Meinung nach haben Leute, die damit ein großes Problem haben, meist Angst davor, dass ihr Partner irgendeine Form der Sexualität hat, an der sie nicht beteiligt sind und gönnen dem Partner keine eigene Sexualität.

Kann man jemanden sexuell mit sich selbst betrügen?
Ich hoffe auf verschiedene Antworten und Meinungen für eine schön kontroverse Diskussion

Alright, my GF whom I live with, ( A redditor as well if it matters ) walked in on me while i was having a little five on one time and she immediately walked out after seeing me in an awkwardly wrench like position ( You guys know how it is, literally 2 seconds before you're about to clear the snorkel and you dont want to get it on anything in front of you, so you make a little 37.32 degree turn to the left ((or right)))
Ok so, she walks out.. and like the guy that I am, I finish saying goodbye to the colonel of love, and continue browsing the web like it's no big deal... right ?
I start hearing SOBBING outside the door, I go outside and she goes OFF on me. She goes APE SHIT, "how could you do that, that's disgusting, thats not normal, you have a ... gf, why do you do this to me, do you not love me, am I not attractive anymore, do you want me to be some porn slut"?
She then left the apartment, and I have not heard from her yet ( it's been 7 hours ). I love my gf dearly, but i'm not sure what just happened.... Is it really that big of a deal ? Like, am I a douche for wanting some self diddling time ? WTF DO I DO REDDIT, I'm afraid when she comes back I wont be able to say anything to say, should I apologize ? Say it'll never happen again ?

EDIT Please don't make this a front page post, my gf is a redditor too. I just wanted some quick answers.

EDIT2 She called me, was sobbing a little. I told her we "need to talk" She said "ya" and said she'll be home in a couple of hours, shes with her mom ( IS SHE GOING TO TELL HER ? )
EDIT 3 I just received a text from her "my mom is coming over with me, clean up a little.." I'm leaving going to a friends house, I do NOT want to deal with that if she told her. ( I smoked a little to calm down, and I don't think I'm ready for a parental confrontation )

EDIT 4 I'm at my friends house now, and you guys made this front page... wow FU. Ok to clear some things up though between us, We have an AMAZING relationship, we NEVER argue, we have fun together just her and I. I love this girl to death, I hate seeing her unhappy. To clarify "our sex life is amazing"; Whenever she's in the mood, I'm down. And yes there are times when I'm in the mood and she's not that I give her the space needed. This is normal though ? Guys do generally want it more then women ? It doesn't bother me, and we've been together for about a year and a half, and I have Waxed the Winnebago before but she has NEVER caught me. This is actually the first time I've ever been caught.
And Ashley, since I know you'll read this: ILY, I know you'll hate me for doing this, but please read some of these comments. I'm sorry that you felt it inappropriate and im sorry for not talking to you about it, ever. I think you're the most amazing girl in the world.. and again, i'm sorry.

EDIT 5 She read this, the stupidest shit gets to the front knews, so now I have to go over there. Today /r/gonewild/ gets me in trouble, then reddit finishes me with a front page fatality.

EDIT 6 Guys, the whole "FU , reddit getting me in trouble, stuff is not serious. I just say stuff like that to lighten the topic, I'm saying it sarcastically. I love reddit, and agree with most of you.
I understand she's overreacting, which is why I am going to talk to her, but you guys need to understand as well that it's someone I care about. Someone I care about felt hurt due to something I did. Sure it might have been an overreaction, nonetheless someone I care about felt hurt. Also, I'm not apologizing for making the cyclops fight a 5 headed monster, I'm apologizing to her for posting it here. ( Even though logically to you guys it's a story, you don't know us so it shouldn't really bother her because it's not like I'm going to my moms house....Pun intended.
Also, this conversation just has never really been brought up personally between us. I never thought about bringing it up because I've seen it normal since i was 10 years old. And she just never brought it up either. I am 25 years old, she is 23.

EDIT 7 I have not read all of the comments posted, to many for me to keep track of, but I know It pisses me off when I read a story that is happening, and the author doesn't update it, so i'll do my best to update it and keep it private at the same time. So, I go home, unlock the door, try to open it. The little chain is on the door. Her mom comes towards the door and says hi with the stupidest, smuggiest look I have ever seen in my life. ( Her mom never liked me to begin with ) and says "that's disgusting" straight away, and walks away from the door, leaving the ... chain in. I'm not the kind of guy to lose my temper, specially when it's regarding women, but me and her mom have never had good blood between us so the way she said it pushed me over the edge I guess.... Well anyways, she walks away and I kick the door and break the stupid little chain and I told her in a louder then average voice that it wasn't her ... business, and I needed to talk to her daughter in private... ( to clear things up between us ), sooooooooo she gets her bag, calls Ashley over and she calls me an aggressive sex deviant. Then she tells Ashley " we're leaving " and I look at Ashley, then ask her if she's actually going to let things get to this point over nothing, after everything we've been through. She say's "you didn't have to kick the door open like that Dom, you need some time to calm down " and they leave.
And that's where I now draw the line. I'm done with this, you, and your mom Ashley. I've done nothing but be nice to you, treat you with respect, ALWAYS go out of my way to make, and keep you happy. You should honestly let her read this thread so she can realize what a ... CUNT she is. Tell her to stop using the ... tanning bed because her skin looks like the leather off of an Alligators asshole. I kicked the door open because it's MY ... APARTMENT. Honestly I'm glad you caught me making my baldie puke, because if it wasn't for this I wouldn't have realized how much like your mother you are. My phone is OFF, don't call, or text me. I'm going to SMOKE AND MASTURBATE ALL NIGHT.

PRE-8 Update For all of you who say this is fake, I would like to help you guys out. Tomorrow morning I'll take pictures of the door incident and post them here as update 8. And if things don't work out between us I'll be a true redditor and upload pictures of more enticing things for reddit to see. I still have my phone off, so no updates on her. I haven't even touched gtalk or msn either. Now, I would also like to say that if she does message me tomorrow, I am definately going to consider what she has to say, because we have been together for a long time and I have never seen this side of her, shes still someone special to me. As mad as I may get those kinds of things don't change overnight. But don't get me wrong, if she tries to defend any of her actions I will, as you guys say, masturbate on her things, while looking directly in her eyes, like a boss. (joke) Maybe she will realize it was an extreme over reaction and come to her senses. If not honestly the thought of being single is not that bad of a thing.
Good night for now redditors, and reddettes. Thanks for everything, if this post is still going in the morning i'll make sure to post an update on the situation. If it gets boring i'll just leave it be.

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04.10.10 um 13:36

Wie geil is das denn?!?^^
Ich glaube da hat jemand extreme Probleme mit sich selbst
Also ich find da überhaupt nichts dabei, ich sage meinem Freund manchmal sogar, dass ers sich selbst machen soll, wenn wir mal beide zu beschäftigt sind um uns zu sehn
Und wir machen das auch voreinander, also ich mir, er sich und schauen dem andern zu... Und überhaupt, also ich versteh das nicht, was ist da denn bitte dabei????
Also wenn das die einzigen Probleme dieser Leute sind....

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04.10.10 um 13:50

kann man es doch auch als Kompliment auffassen (wenn sich die Gedanken dabei um die Partnerin/den Partner drehen). So seh ich das zumindest. Fragt sich nur, ob ich wirklich der star des Kopfkinos bin

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04.10.10 um 13:53
In Antwort auf yaron_12361832

kann man es doch auch als Kompliment auffassen (wenn sich die Gedanken dabei um die Partnerin/den Partner drehen). So seh ich das zumindest. Fragt sich nur, ob ich wirklich der star des Kopfkinos bin

Das ist wohl etwas,
das du nie sicher wissen kannst, aber man kann sich das ja alles schön reden und einfach glauben, was man möchte

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Kannst du deine Antwort nicht finden?

04.10.10 um 14:16
In Antwort auf yaron_12361832

kann man es doch auch als Kompliment auffassen (wenn sich die Gedanken dabei um die Partnerin/den Partner drehen). So seh ich das zumindest. Fragt sich nur, ob ich wirklich der star des Kopfkinos bin

Nicht unbedingt...
Wenn ich pornographisches Material betrachte, geht es mir ein gutes Stück weit nur um den Akt an sich als um die beteiligten Charaktere. Pornographie und Erotik sind in meinen Augen zwei ganz verschiedene Dinge.

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04.10.10 um 14:23

"five on one time"
Vielleicht bin ich ja ungebildet, was solche Ausdrücke betrifft, aber dafür hat mir das gerade ein Grinsen entlockt

Meinungen willst du dazu? Hm, ich denke der durchschnittliche Europäer findet das Verhalten der Freundin total bescheuert.
Würde ich meinen Freund erwischen, würde ich vielleicht ein überraschtes "Oh, na, dann bis gleich" sagen und ihm seine Zeit mit sich selbst lassen.
Auch ich würde mir Einzel-Sexualität nicht verbieten lassen.

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