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I need help of bulgarian people or somebody who have been there during several years

3. September 2003 um 8:44 Letzte Antwort: 4. September 2003 um 2:59

Hallo to everybody,

First of all i beg your pardon because i dont know german, and its my only way to comunicate me, anyway pardon too about my bad english.

I come from the spanish forum and i would need to talk with somebody who have been living in Bulgary during several years or a bulgary person (man or woman).

Im going to tell my story because i need very seriously help.

Im a spanish girl, who is living in Spain, 2 months ago i meet a bulgarian man who came to work here and we began to have an affair.

He is an entusiastic about the sex in group. He tell me that in his country (Bulgary) is very normal to do that: in a party, among friends, or even when a visit is coming at home.... He says that to practice the sex with 3, 4 or more persons even, use to be very normal in his country. Not every day and not always, but it use to be very common about bulgarian people (young and not so young people).

Ive only practice sex in couple, i have not a narrow mind and maybe in the future well do sex with somebody else. Maybe ill do or maybe not, but i want to decide this by myself, not under pressures.

The problem is that i dont know if he is telling me lies about the practices of the sex in his country, because to pressure me a bit to make the same.

I dont mind how practice the sex every person. Its a very personal question, but i dont want to have the feeling that be he MAYBE is telling me lies only to get the sex in group, so im not total closed to this idea (and he know that) and maybe he try to press me with these ideas about the almost absolutly freedom ideas about sex in his country.

Ive never been in Bulgary and no one country of the East of Europe, so its not able to me to know the TRUE. Thats why i need to talk with somebody from there, because i need that somebody explain me that.

Ive NEVER listened anything similar. In Spain there is a normal sexual country, i think that maybe similar to the rest of Europe. Even i have been living in Sweden during several times, and even there, ive never listened about this absolutly freedom even in the own Sweden (its supposed the most opened mind country in the world just with Denmark).

Ive known too rumanian people (its just in the border of Bulgary) and they have never listened this either. So, they use to be very traditionals in sex and when the rumanian come to Spain, they feel the freedom here compared with his country (Romania).

Ive explained this to my boyfriend in a very shortly way, and he only told me (until now he is in holidays in his country and by phone is not a question to talk), and he only told me that in Romania are catholics, but in Bulgary are ortodox religion, and more and more differences (not only the religion).

I said him that more catholic of Spain, Romania can not be, because since long centruries ago, Spain have been the exemple of the catholic country. But here we are much more opened that in Romania. So the religion is not the cause. Its obvious!!!!!

He insist that the ortodoxian religion is different, but ive been reading about this and between catholics and ortodoxian religion are really very few differences. So its absolutly not the religion. Ive never listened that a religion offer to people to make orgies!!!!

I cant find to very big differences in a way of life between the rumanian people ive known and all ive read about bulgarian way of life either (nothing about sex), but ive read it in enciclopedies and books, and i didnt find anything obviously.

I understand that these kind of things are not comming in an enciclopedy, so im absolutly blind, because i dont know here other bulgarian persons or somebody who have been living there during several years to ask him about this SO STRANGE MATTER.

I can only thing in two ways: or he lies me, or he belong to a very small group people who practice this, not the bulgarians in general. Or maybe all is true and Bulgary is the freedom of the sex....hahahahaha........

I hate that somebody lie me. If someone want to do something, he has only to explain me, but when i feel that somebody try to get the same, but with lies, it drives me really ANGRY.

Please, i need really help, because about this matter depends if the affair will be finish or not. But not because the sex way of live, only because the LIES.

Help please.


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4. September 2003 um 2:59

Hi spanish girl
this is the first time I here such a nonsense, sorry, but I know some bulgarian people and they are the same than all the other people in europe. I suppose your boyfriend just wants You
to do something HE likes.
I would not do it, it is a very funny kind of love. Think about it, anyway this idea of him shows You, that he doesn t love You really, somebody who loves his girl will shurely not spare with others.
Perhaps he will just try to "sell" You to other man. Did You think about that.
Anyway You cán do what You like, but don t be disapointed afterwards.

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